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Cargador Solar Waterproof Plegable 28W



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  • Excelente para viajes y/o campamento
  • 4 paneles
  • 3 salidas USB
  • Resistente a inclemencias climáticas (IPX5)
  • Liviano, plegable y fácil de transportar

Non-Polluting, Inexhaustible Energy Source: Highly efficient solar cells convert solar power into free energy, 21.5-23.5% high efficiency solar charging your device

Innovative Fast Charging Technchargingology: Circuit conversion of more than 85% ensures you can charge up to 2.1A under direct sunlight or up to 5.6A max using the 3 USB ports

Intuitive i Smart Technology: Automatically adjusts to provide the optimal charging current, minimizing charging time and protecting from overcurrent and overvoltage

Practical and Rugged: IPX5 weatherproof, industrial-strength solar panels sewn into a highly resilient polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability

Ultimate Portable Power Provider: Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry; benefit from free solar energy wherever you are in the world

  • Salida: 3 USBs Total 5.6A
  • Peso: 900 grs
  • Dimensiones plegado: 16,5 x 30 x 3 cm
  • Dimensiones extendido: 86 x 30 x 0,5 cm
  • Cargador RAVPower Solar Waterproof Plegable 28W
  • 2 x Cables USB


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