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Cámara para Caja Aves WiFi


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This wireless bird box camera (registered design number: 6106499) provides a convenient way to watch birds activities remotely on your phones or tablets without running a network cable across your house. Place this bird box camera in your backyard to witness a baby bluebird hatch from the egg and spread its wings for the first time. Easier access to bird watching with stunning picture clarity!

Protected in an IP66-rated casing, this wireless bird box camera can be placed outside of bird box without any risk of water ingress. The 2.5mm wide-angle lens provide ultra wide angle view (120°) with adjustable focus feature. It is also outfitted with a high-power antenna to enhance the WiFi signal strength. A highly sensitive microphone is built-in for audio recording.

This wireless bird box camera produces 3MP Ultra HD color images by day and delivers crisp black-and-white images by night with the invisible infrared LEDs. The night vision can be turned off permanently to save energy when the bird box camera is running on external battery power (NOT included).

Smoothly live streaming (video/audio) to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac with greatly improved network performance. Push message notifications are available at every trigger event when the bird box camera detects any changes or movements inside the bird box.

This WiFi bird box camera also supports local recording after you install the memory card, so you can watch both live or pre-recorded footage on your phone. To install this WiFi bird box camera, you will need to run a power cord or power it with the rechargeable battery if there is no outlet nearby.

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  • Probar la cámara antes de instalar en terreno

Fundaciones, ONG, Universidades, Parques, Consultoras Ambientales, etc.

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